Spencer Torkelson Rookie Card – Best Early Cards and Top Investment Guide


Spencer Torkelson is a BEAST and will be for years to come in the MLB… if you are saying who the hell is this guy… this is going to change really soon starting with the MLB Draft on 6/10/2020… keep reading to discover which Spencer Torkelson rookie cards are worth investing in.

Spencer Torkelson Rookie Card

Buy Spencer Torkelson Rookie Cards on eBay

Spencer Torkelson (8/26/1999) played college ball at Arizona State and should be selected by the Detroit Tigers with the 1st pick in the 2020 MLB Draft.

He plays first base, bats right, and stands 6 ft 2… this kid is all about POWER.

Not only can Torkleson unload on the baseball but he should also hit, hit, and HIT with tons of bat speed… so tons of power with a high average… we absolutely love that… he has been compared to a young Mark McGwire.

There are not many Torkelson rookie cards worth drafting to date but here are a few “early cards” worth considering…

Best Spencer Torkelson Rookie Cards


2019 Spencer Torkelson Panini Prizm Draft Picks #118 (buy on eBay)

Spencer Torkelson Rookie Card

One of our top picks if you are looking to add some Torkelson to your baseball card investment portfolio.


2019 Spencer Torkelson Panini Elite Contenders Premium AUTO #USA-ST (buy on eBay)

Spencer Torkelson rookie cards

This and the card below are decent buys from Panini.

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2019 Spencer Torkelson Panini Elite Extra Contenders #USA-ST (buy on eBay)

Spencer Torkelson Panini Elite

The Panini Contenders’ early baseball cards are looking pretty good nowadays.


2019 Spencer Torkelson Stars and Stripes College Sigs USA #CNT-ST (buy on eBay)


The 2019 Spencer Torkelson Stars and Stripes College Sigs is another favorite as far as his early cards go.


2016 Spencer Torkelson Leaf Perfect Game Rookie Card #BA-129 (buy on eBay)


We were really surprised to see a card from 2016 on this list but sure enough, here it is (Spencer is listed as a third baseman on this card).


Spencer Torkelson Rookie Card Checklist

We will complete this once some of the major brand’s release prospects and rookie cards (were looking at you Bowman).


Spencer Torkelson Rookie Card Value

Spencer Torkelson Rookie Card Value

The most recent Torkelson rookie card sold for $169 (Panini Prizm Green Ice Auto).

The most valuable Spencer Torkelson rookie card sold to date was the 2020 Stars and Stripes USA Spencer Torkelson Majestic Laundry Tag Autograph which went for $325/

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Super Eary Investment Outlook

In only 17 games in 2019, Spencer slashed 340/.598/.780 with four doubles and six jacks in only 82 plate appearances… BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!

A few concerns include his strikeout rate and he is limited by his speed on the defensive side… first base or DH are his only options there.

With that being said we could easily see this kid putting up a season or three of 50 plus homers and a .300 plus average especially with how juiced the ball is nowadays.

Super Early Investment Rating: Cautiously buying a few

Ownership Disclosure: One (1) 2019 Spencer Torkelson Panini Prizm Draft Picks


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