Joe Montana Rookie Card – Value and Should You Buy (Best 3 Cards)


Joe Montana Rookie Card

Joe Montana was born on 6/11/1956 in New Eagle, PA and was drafted by the San Fransico 49ers in the 3rd round of the 1979 NFL Draft (72 overall).

He played 15 years in the NFL, 13 years of which was with the San Fransico 49ers and 2 years with the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Cool Joe played in 23 playoff games, had 26 comebacks, and a mind-blowing 28 game-winning drives.

There is really only one Joe Montana rookie card worth owning but we have listed two of his other cards that would make a good long term investment.


1981 Joe Montana Topps Rookie Card San Francisco 49ers #216 (buy on eBay)

Joe Montana Rookie Card Value

This is the only Cool Joe rookie card worth owning (which is rare in the world of rookie cards).

Since this is pretty much the only Montana rookie card you should pretty much always be able to find at least one for sale on eBay.

The card is numbered #216 and the back reads “One of the best young-signal callers in pro-football, Joe has run the 49ers adeptly during his playing time in the past 2 seasons. At Notre Dame, he completed 269 passes for 4121 yards and 25 touchdown passes“.

This card will cost around $10k for a PSA 10 grade.


1985 Joe Montana Topps Football Card #157

oe Montana Topps Football Card

For whatever reason, there is not many early Joe Montana card to pick from (most likely due to the lack of popularity in football cards at the time).

The 1985 Montana Topps card came up in our search and a PSA 10 card sold for $421 in early 2020.

The card pictures Joe warming up and has a pretty cool looking black border.

We might actually like the looks of this card better than his rookie card.


1983 Topps Joe Montana 49ers Football Card #169 (buy on eBay)

1983 Topps Joe Montana

Here is another non-rookie Joe Montana card worth owning.

The card is numbered #169 and reads “Joe set NFL records with 5 consecutive 300-yard passing games in 1982. He set new 49er single-game mark by passing for 408 yards vs the Cardinals“.

You should be able to find this card in good condition (PSA 10) for under $50.


Joe Montana Rookie Card Investment Outlook

Don’t expect anything big from Montana rookie cards but they should steadily rise (very slowly) over the years.

We don’t have any Joe Montana rookie cards and really don’t advise buying any.




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