3 Cards We Just Bought (Updated July 2020)


Here we will list 3 purchases we recently made for the Gold Card Auctions Investment Portfolio.

The exact wording and images from the purchase will be shown.

As an added bonus we will also include the line of thought behind each purchase.

Cheers 🙂

Gold Card Auctions Recent Purchases


2019 Kyler Murray Panini Prizm Rookie Cards #301 (buy on eBay)

5 cards we just bought

Purchase Price: $365

Date of purchase: 7/8/2020

Kyler Murray rookie cards are red hot right now and for good reason, as he is one of the top-rated young QBs in the league… many experts predict Murray is a new style NFL QB… we are a bit skeptical in regards to that but do think there is immense value in his rookie cards… GREAT BUY.


2020 Jasson Dominguez Bowman Chrome Speckle Refractor Auto /299 #CPAJDO (buy on eBay)

baseball cards we bought

Purchase price: $920

Date of purchase: 6/24/2020

We bought this card in hopes of flipping in a few months for a major ROI blast.

Jasson Dominguez is one of the hottest if not the hottest prospect other than someone name Wander… some critics think it is too early to invest in Dominguez but we beg the differ and see good value in buying now and selling before his call-up. There is definitely some risk in this investment but we feel the risk is worth the potential rewards.


Lot of (7) 2017 Bowman Chrome Roanld Acuna Jr. RC Rookie Braves (buy on eBay)

goldcardauctions buy on ebay

Purchase price: $315

Date of purchase: 6/28/2020

If you are familiar with this blog you know how much we love the 2017 Acuna Jr. Bowman Chrome rookie card… this was an easy buy as these cards usually grade at a 9 or 10.

On a side, not Bowman Chrome baseball cards are one of the few cards we buy raw as they usually come in excellent condition and we have found great luck when sending them in to get graded.



There ya have it boys… what ya think?

Any dumb buys here?

Let us know on Facebook or comment below… as always thanks for reading 🙂


  1. With the Luka card. Do you recommend the base optic version or any of the variations? i.e. Shock Prizms, etc.

    • we love the base Luka optic version but the high-end ones are great too if you have the funds for it 🙂


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